Opera 9

It's past midnight and I'm revising for an exam in Electronic Communications that is tomorrow. Not much time for a post, but I just used Opera 9 for the first time.

It's getting ever more similar to Firefox, strangely. I remember that Opera 8 didn't even know what a "Tab" was. It was called a "page", and pages were always opened in the same window unless you wanted to open a new window. This was reflected in the hotkeys. Ctrl-T was right out; you had to learn that if you were used to Firefox. T made a bookmark. The key for a new page was Ctrl-N.

Having just opened Opera 9 for the first time after updating (pdf documents are too slow in Firefox for me - the extensions and plugins just weigh down the program), I was surprised to notice that Ctrl-N now opens a new window. I check the hotkeys, and sure enough, the "New Tab" combination is Ctrl-T. It would appear I will have to learn once again...

Naturally, they call it "Tabbed Browsing" now. It's funny - it's as if in Opera 9, they'd finally gotten around to adding this hot new feature. When really it's been part of Opera for ever and ever.

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