Three Years of Foolishness

This day marks the third anniversary of my blog. Or at least, of the blog being moved from BlogSpot to my own domain, switching from being powered by Blogger to the Drupal CMS (in fact, the second Drupal site I ever installed and the oldest one that still remains), and of course being renamed from "Arancaytar's Little Corner" (a name that was exactly as cheesy as the posts) to "Aranfoolcaytar" (in other words, the blog is still cheesy but at least now it's a bit self-mocking).

Since that time, the blog has survived many trials: One change of hosts (to DreamHost), the best decision I ever made (and no, I didn't get paid for this), because friendly and tech-savvy support is worth way more than some three extra nines of uptime. Two separate major version upgrades in Drupal, from 4.7.x to 5.x to 6.x (and any Drupal user can attest to how much fun those are). My own increasingly invasive meddling with the core code as I learnt to develop for Drupal myself - though for the current code base, I managed to get back down to six core hacks. I tried out at least four different approaches to spam: Manual moderation, admin-approved registration required, Akismet auto-moderation, and finally ReCAPTCHA which rocks. Around 5-6 custom modules in various states of disrepair (though I can say I'm proud of how xbbcode turned out).

More theme changes than I can remember. My archives say I started out using the Slash theme that imitates Slashdot. I probably used Pleroma which I also used on the Grand Endeavor while it was still online. For a long time I simply used a green-shifted color mod (yay for color.module) of Garland, similar to what you can now see at proxydb). The last theme I invested much time in was Agregado which I eventually got rid of because of its poor support for fluid width and wide screens.

I didn't quite manage to break the 200 nodes mark at the same time, but at least I'm pretty close, this post being nid #196. Thanks to comment spam and the flood of notices generated by shoddily written contrib modules, the other two indicator numbers are the cid (comment ID) #1549, and the wid (error log ID) #1191949.

One of the more significant changes in this time has been that I finally found a desktop client I liked, namely Drivel. It was a bit tricky to get it to work with inline tags (you see, the Movable Type API separates post saving and taxonomy saving into two actions, and so Inline Tags has some trouble saving the inline taxonomy without getting it overwritten a second later), but it works very well.

Here's to three more years! I hope all my regular readers will stay with me that long - all three of you. :)

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Congratulations on this anniversary. I remember meeting you around the '04 elections, commiserating with each other over the results. The more recent elections had much happier results! :0)

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