Hard drives and stupidity do not mix

At 0400 on Wednesday (yesterday), my home partition suddenly disappeared. I didn't have a clue what had happened, but the problem persisted on reboot.

Now, Enki has two hard drives - one contains /home, and one contains my backups. I was able to mount the backup drive manually, but the one containing /home appeared to be unresponsive.

So I took out what I assumed to be the defective drive. I then connected it to a different computer and was instantly smelling magic smoke.

After buying a new drive, I built it in and launched Puppy Linux to partition it and set up a new /home. My first priority, though, was to copy all files off the backup partition in case that failed too. It's amazing how diligently you make backups on the day after losing data (... and a dollar short.)

So I mounted what I presumed to be the backup drive, and saw... /HOME.

First thought: Oh wow. It's all still here. I'm saved. There's some stuff on the backup drive too that I'll miss, but not really a lot.
Second thought: This means I not only built out the wrong drive, it also means I killed it through mishandling (since it was working a moment earlier).
Third thought: Actually, I killed it for absolutely no reason, because even what seemed broken was in fact okay.

Final thought, just now: Actually, the last one makes it hurt most, but is also the best. Imagine if my /home had died, and in trying to fix it I'd destroyed the only backup of it. Now THAT would suck.

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