Three Years of Foolishness

This day marks the third anniversary of my blog.

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Taking leave from blog.module

This is my first post with the new, custom-created article content type. There is very little to outwardly distinguish it from the blog content type provided by Drupal's blog.module, except that the latter does not have a link to "Arancaytar's blog" below each entry (which is superfluous seeing as I am the only author on this site, and my blog is equivalent to the front page).

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Aranfoolcaytar gets an upgrade

It's been a good while since this blog software was updated. The problem was that the thing had just gotten too dirty. I know this sounds strange to non-programmers, but it is a well-known fact that code rots when you don't look at it for a while - and databases do the same.

Finally, the desperate wish to see this site on the shiny new Drupal 6 grew too strong, and so I rushed into the upgrade.

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