Blogroll module - prototype available

So I decided I could bloody well spare an evening to finally get something done I'd been meaning to for about half a year.

The blogroll module for Drupal is something I'd wanted for a while. It was especially needed at the Progressive Blogger Alliance, which is now (in a great part due to my procrastination) a sad mud village filled with spam and people asking to be put on the horribly outdated blogroll.

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Blogroll, first version

A few weeks ago, I said I would work on a Blogroll module for Drupal. This module was supposed to display a list of sites defined by each user in their profile, and be able to export this via JavaScript as well.

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Blogroll + Drupal

The last few weeks over at The Progressive Blogger Alliance have been filled with people asking to be put on the Blogroll. The Blogroll - actually one of the first efforts that the PBA grew from, before the network even used a central node based on Drupal software - was discontinued a while back. A mixture of administrative trouble, technical glitches and a rumor that the Google bot may interpret Blogrolls as link farms (and punish the sites' rankings).

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