Lost in translation

I just came across this little gem on the German version of the Mozilla Firefox website.

The English version of the page says:

See How We Stack Up

We’ve told you about what makes Firefox great, but how do we compare against Internet Explorer? Check out our handy browser comparison chart to see for yourself.

The German one is entitled:

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Goodbye NoScript

Update: It seems that the pressure of the backlash and Firefox' AMO policy has prevailed, and the NoScript extension has been "un-eviled". For now. Trust is a lot harder to regain, however, and I will not be using it again for my part.

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External Resources and Privacy

Something that used to be a perfectly normal part of the Web and HTML specifications has been turned into quite a privacy problem: External resources.

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Ahead of the cutting-edge

I've been waiting for the second beta of Firefox 2.0 for quite some time now. Originally, it was meant to be released in mid-August. Then, the date was pushed up to the 23rd, now it has again been pushed up to the 30th. Losing patience, I've finally installed the first release candidate for this version. And if it's a hundred kinds of bug-ridden, I don't care. I guess I'm obsessed with software updates. I have to use the latest version of anything. ^_^

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Opera 9

It's past midnight and I'm revising for an exam in Electronic Communications that is tomorrow. Not much time for a post, but I just used Opera 9 for the first time.

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