Peer to peer Tweeting, explored

Had another laymen discussion with my dad today (laymen since he's a statistical physicist and I'm a hacker, so neither of us are experts on information theory) and became even more convinced that Twitter could only truly unfold its potential as a political censorship-buster if it worked in a decentralized fashion, as I described some weeks ago.

Here's a bit of a brainstorm, listing several points.

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Twitter via P2P

This is a bit of speculative brainstorming. A lot of this must have been thought of before, and when I have time I will research to see what papers have been written about it.

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Proxy DB 0.3

I've toiled on a few more features for the Proxy DB module (described in the past few posts).

Changes include:

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Proxy DB

After my last post on testing proxy servers, I spent the past 10 or so hours on what inevitably happens whenever I develop even the simplest web application: A Drupal module.

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Testing proxy servers

This is a simple tool to check a list of proxy servers for uptime. The scripts are available in zipped form (proxydb.tar.gz). You can also check out the SVN repository:

svn co

Quoting from the README file:

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Leakage: Iran's Response to the United Nations public online (briefly)

The US think-tank ISIS has apparently published the full text of Iran's response to a negotiation offer by the United Nations. The paper was previously classified, but was available for public download - for a while.

The full URL to the download was:

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