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Yesterday, I promised an update regarding my change of media players once I had tested the open-source player Songbird a little. I was very enthusiastic about the new application, mainly because I was happy to be well-rid of iTunes - but even so I did not expect this.

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Farewell, iTunes

Scott Gilbertson on WebMonkey heavily criticized the iTunes media player, and I found myself deeply in agreement.

{{itunes-logo.jpg|right|200px|noresize}}When I began using iTunes in 2006 (according to the first file added in 2006-08-25), it was a vast improvement over the alternatives I had tried:

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Piratey Soundtrack - inspired by Ultima & Vangelis?

I now am the happy owner of the soundtrack to Pirates of the Carribbean, 1492: Conquest of Paradise, and Ultima V: Lazarus (the third being a computer game).

And I noticed something odd about three of the tracks - parts of the opening of the PotC soundtrack sounded similar to a passage each in the other two soundtracks. So, for comparison, I cut together 2 mp3s that compare 30 second samples of each. I didn't want to upload the tracks themselves because on the whole I'd prefer to keep the RIAA off my back.

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Mary Jean Holmes makes the Charts

I found Mary Jean Holmes' site while looking for fantasy music around 2-3 years ago (I also discovered the Brobdingnagian Bards this way, incidentally). She's an independent composer who produces music related to J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings - long symphonies inspired by tales from the Silmarillion and the trilogy itself, which are all available as free mp3s from her site. One of my favorites is The Akallabêth.

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