The Pirate Party

So two weeks ago, I applied to join the German [[Piratenpartei]] (Pirate Party).

This political party, whose inspirational origin lies in the Swedish Piratpartiet, has been around for just over three years now and has declared its goals as the safeguarding of civil rights on the internet, the transparency and technical competency of the government, the reform of patent and copyright law and the furthering of free education.

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Peer to peer Tweeting, explored

Had another laymen discussion with my dad today (laymen since he's a statistical physicist and I'm a hacker, so neither of us are experts on information theory) and became even more convinced that Twitter could only truly unfold its potential as a political censorship-buster if it worked in a decentralized fashion, as I described some weeks ago.

Here's a bit of a brainstorm, listing several points.

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Twitter via P2P

This is a bit of speculative brainstorming. A lot of this must have been thought of before, and when I have time I will research to see what papers have been written about it.

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