Extensible BBCode for Drupal 7

I'm happy to announce that my extensible BBCode module XBBCode is now ported to Drupal 7. I last worked on (and wrote about) this module in April while writing a new parsing engine for it.

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Twitter via P2P

This is a bit of speculative brainstorming. A lot of this must have been thought of before, and when I have time I will research to see what papers have been written about it.

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XBBCode 6.x-1.1.1 is out

This is just a notice of a bugfix update to XBBCode, my light-weight stack-based parser for customizable and extensible BBCode in Drupal.

I have been developing the module for two years now and using it on this blog for almost as long (see earlier posts), so I've had lots of time to work out most of the bugs.

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