I am telling you what havoc I am wreaking on this blog engine. It's renamed with a name that won't wreak havoc on Technorati ("Site" is a bit vague).

Hard drives and stupidity do not mix

At 0400 on Wednesday (yesterday), my home partition suddenly disappeared. I didn't have a clue what had happened, but the problem persisted on reboot.

Now, Enki has two hard drives - one contains /home, and one contains my backups. I was able to mount the backup drive manually, but the one containing /home appeared to be unresponsive.

So I took out what I assumed to be the defective drive. I then connected it to a different computer and was instantly smelling magic smoke.

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Spam, redux

It has been apparent for at least half a year, but reCAPTCHA is now widely being broken by spambots on this site. I have had to clean up over a hundred spam messages from the last week alone. For now, I have simply blocked commenters from entering their homepage, and handed out a number of IP blocks.

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Three Years of Foolishness

This day marks the third anniversary of my blog.

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Taking leave from blog.module

This is my first post with the new, custom-created article content type. There is very little to outwardly distinguish it from the blog content type provided by Drupal's blog.module, except that the latter does not have a link to "Arancaytar's blog" below each entry (which is superfluous seeing as I am the only author on this site, and my blog is equivalent to the front page).

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Blog redesign

Half a year has passed since the last theme change, so tradition dictates I pick a new one again. Actually, this time I wanted to change because Agregado lacks fluid-width support. Seeing your website on a 2000px monitor, all alone in a narrow vertical beam in the center, really makes you question your web skills.

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Synching with Twitter

I'm trying to get my Drupal blog to submit every update to my Twitter account. Let's see if it works - I've definitely seen this in action among some Drupalers, so it shouldn't require any tweaking like the Drivel/Taxonomy thing did.

... update, some hours later... well, the Twitter part was easy; it was, predictably, the Drivel/Twitter part that was such horror.

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Inline Tags with Drivel

Whoops, a bit of a bug in my code. Let's test it now...

Update: Apparently, not only do I not know how to use str_replace, I'm also clueless about escaping characters in regular expressions.

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They broke ReCAPTCHA?

I just deleted about a dozen posts that had been clearly written while ReCAPTCHA was enabled on my site. I don't know how they got past, but I'm happy to say that none of them fulfilled their function: The spammers either used HTML instead of BBCode, or attempted to fill a non-existant Website field in their contact data (which I had removed because it was only every used for this purpose). No links survived.

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CAPTCHA works again

So Dintiradan just alerted me to the fact that for an unspecified time not more than four months, the CAPTCHA I've had on my site has had a guaranteed 100% spam-blocking rate.

The reason, unfortunately, was not that it was a particularly good CAPTCHA. It was just impossible to solve.

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Userfriendly commenting

With the first bout of visitors after the Drupal 6 upgrade, I see that I did several things badly:

  • Not allowing you to enter your name (optional now)
  • Making you preview and submit your comment, and entering the Captcha twice (Previewing is now optional, and the site will not ask you to enter a Captcha more than once per session.)
  • Crashing the page when saving the comment, thanks to an apparently buggy port of the Akismet module (Akismet disabled).

Fixed that. I hope that improves your experience of commenting vastly.

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