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Lost in translation

I just came across this little gem on the German version of the Mozilla Firefox website.

The English version of the page says:

See How We Stack Up

We’ve told you about what makes Firefox great, but how do we compare against Internet Explorer? Check out our handy browser comparison chart to see for yourself.

The German one is entitled:

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Reading again

Childhood's End arrived yesterday (I got it after an emphatic recommendation, which I haven't regretted taking to heart), and I spent most of today reading. This is powerful stuff.

I'm not through yet, though the end is not far off. So far, the most moving quote was this:

What you will have brought into the world may be utterly alien, it may share none of your desires or hopes, it may look upon your greatest achievements as childish toys - yet it is something wonderful, and you will have created it.

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A Bookworm's Christmas

I got two very nice books this year, the first of which I'm almost done with.

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Why I sleep with the lights on

For several years now, I have slept in utter darkness. It took some time to get used to it (and I still take a flashlight to bed), but by the time I slept I'd have turned all the lights in the room off. Recently, that's changed.

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