Laugh or cry. It's tough to decide at this point.

They made it

Riverbend's family has left the country.

"It was as if a million political bloggers sighed in relief and were silent."

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Riverbend leaves

Riverbend is leaving Iraq.

Unfortunately, exams are too close for me to blog elaborately, so I don't have much more to pass on than the link.

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There is Riverbend!

After months of absence, during which the blogosphere was pretty much stirred into a frenzy of worry (Search Google, Google Blogs and Technorati for "Where is Riverbend" and you'll see what I mean), our favorite Iraqi blogger has finally returned to post.

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Where is Riverbend?

Update 2006-10-19:
Look no further, friends:

There is Riverbend!

A bandwagon is quickly becoming apparent in the blogosphere: People are worrying about Riverbend.

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Baghdad Burning newsfeed

Long-time readers of the excellent blog Baghdad Burning by Riverbend will have noticed ages ago that their feed readers stopped working.

Why this? The last item displayed in the Atom feed is dated June 2005 - more than a year ago.

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