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Attacked and rebuilt

You may have noticed that all my sites went dark last week. This was in response to my discovery of a severe intrusion into my hosting account, as a result of which malicious Javascript was injected into every single page.

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Server moved, PHP rebuilt

Yesterday, the entire Ermarian Network was migrated to a different server. After spending the past four years on millhouse, an AMD Opteron machine with two 2GHz cores and 2GB RAM, it is now hosted on carvin a brand new Intel Xeon with four 2.5GHz cores (hyperthreaded to eight virtual cores) and 16GB RAM. These impressive numbers are of course slightly misleading, since I'm one of a great number of users sharing the server.

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Proxy DB 0.3

I've toiled on a few more features for the Proxy DB module (described in the past few posts).

Changes include:

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Proxy DB

After my last post on testing proxy servers, I spent the past 10 or so hours on what inevitably happens whenever I develop even the simplest web application: A Drupal module.

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Testing proxy servers

This is a simple tool to check a list of proxy servers for uptime. The scripts are available in zipped form (proxydb.tar.gz). You can also check out the SVN repository:

svn co

Quoting from the README file:

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Multisite environments for EVERY web application

As a webmaster who uses open source web applications, you frequently have to download software updates. Web software is susceptible to security flaws that must be patched quickly, and even when bug-free it is improved constantly.

If you operate a lot of sites on the same software, you run into a very annoying problem: Every site needs its own codebase. For five MediaWiki sites, you will unzip the same MediaWiki package five times, update it five times, possibly hack your own modifications in it five times, and need five times the diskspace.

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Morse Code redux

I have taken my old morse code converter and fixed it up with AJAX. With the password generator I built some time ago, I managed to come up with a neat little framework for standardizing AJAX handling on my pages, including a little throbber bar.

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Running PHP as CGI, using symbolic links

Yesterday I tried for several hours to build PHP, at last succeeding (at cost, because I failed to install the desired extensions Tidy, Mhash, MagickWand and IMAP).

Installing PHP is usually a big problem for me, no news there - every time I upgrade to a new version, I end up pulling out my hair for a day or two.

But at least I've isolated and solved one of the more pesky problems:

premature end of script headers: php.cgi

First off: I love symbolic links.

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Of EndoSpider

What follows is yet another post about an obscure project of mine you likely have never heard of - that's what comes from being part of so many different isolated communities.

This one concerns Nationstates. To the point, the game has a voting mechanism which determines what comes closest to "points" in the game - by "endorsing" another nation, it is possible to vote for a "delegate" which will then have administrative power of the sub-community.

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HTTP Code Lookup

Did it again: An hour or so of desperate procrastination yielded a small search engine with built-in auto-suggest feature.

This one does a look-up of HTTP status codes. Seasoned web developers know how often you need to know the meaning of a certain status - both for programming a server response and for understanding it when building a site that fetches or aggregates remote content.

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